Are You Ready to Turn the Home of Your Dreams into a Reality?

Whether you are interested in a contemporary kitchen design, a traditional bathroom concept or anything in between, we are here to help.

Boulia has thirty years experience building and remodeling homes and has a professional engineer on staff to help navigate the challenges of property development. We can provide you with guidance and cost estimates for turn-key projects including:

  • Turn your dreams into building plans and specifications.
  • Suggest design modifications for the Crystal Coast environment.
  • Site preparation and grading.
  • Help navigate the permitting process.
  • Engineer and construct as designed.

Boulia Construction and Restoration works hand in hand with its sister division Boulia Real Estate and Development in planning new residential and commercial projects.


Finishing work is where the job comes together to give your home or business the look you can be proud of. Essential to a good paint, stain, or wall paper job is the preparation which is usually 75% of the total job. As part of the preparation phase we take special care with the masking and draping processes on areas that are being finished. Boulia Construction and Restoration has several professional painting crews available to handle any sized job. We provide services for both residential and commercial buildings. Painting services include:


When disaster strikes, floors are almost always effected. Whether it’s hardwood, carpet tile or laminate, knowing how best to evaluate the damage and identifying the options is essential for the homeowner. We have extensive experience in salvaging and / or replacing all types of flooring.


Central to redoing any room that has been damaged by flood or fire is repairing or replacing drywall. The drywall process is essential to having a good paint job. Boulia Construction and Restoration prides itself on offering professional drywall services for both residential and commercial applications.

Windows and Doors

Many companies can install windows and glass doors, however, installing them so they don’t leak is another matter. We have extensive experience and knowledge as it relates to what works and what doesn’t. We take particular care ensuring the installation will stand up to the assaults from Mother Nature along the Atlantic Coast.


Our experience has shown that metal-lathe base coat and finish construction technique is not robust enough for the sub-tropical conditions present in our area. BCR has repaired many residential and commercial properties that suffered moisture damage.

Boulia Construction and Restoration’s experience shows the newer stucco finishes all have modern drainable systems, which if installed correctly make it a desirable exterior cladding.